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Aquapark Senec

Aquapark Senec

Just a short walk from Bratislava you can find recreational and relaxation water world of Aquapark Senec, which is popular attraction being sought after due to the option of the all-year-long relax for children and adults. In Aquapark Senec you can enjoy relax in whirlpools, adrenalin at water attractions.



One of the youngest European metropolis, which is also one of the most visited and favourite cities in Slovakia. Bratislava invites you into a modern entertainment center, to the he beautiful historical center or the national museum and gallery.

Bratislavská cyklomagistrála

Bratislava cycling route

The pleasant trips on bikes around the surrounding forests can be connected with visit of interesting places. Bratislava cycling route offers you paths with gentle gradients, Devín Castle the nature cycle trail, cycling on dam.

Hrad Červený kameň

Červený kameň castle

Powerful and most beautiful preserved castle near Bratislava clearly visible especially from greater distances. Červený kameň Castle offers a museum of historical housing of aristocracy, beautiful linden alley, stunning interiors and exteriors with rich ornamentation.

Dunajská cyklomagistrála

Danube cycling route

It ranks among the most popular cycling routes in Central Europe and its the most frequent cycling route in Europe. If you get tired, stop for the moment and enjoy the beauty of nature. Danube cycling route offers you great views to Danube river.


Danubiana Bratislava

Architecture here in its diversity provides opportunities to many exhibition activities. Visitors can see a survey of leading world artists and purchase in the Art Shop.

Hrad Devín

Devín castle

One of the oldest Slovak castles, grandiose historical castle Devín stands on a strategically massive rock above the junction of the rivers Danube and Morava. Devín castle offers expositions from the past of Slavs, unique castle well with the depth of 55 metres.

Po stopách Pálffyovcov na Dolnom Záhorí

Following the footsteps of Pálffy family on Lower Záhorie

Unforgettable experience - footsteps of Pálffy family. Visit the monuments: Monastery and Cathedral of Immaculate conception, Pálffy's lime tree, Manor Park, Pálffy's Manor House.

Golf Bernolákovo

Golf and Country club Bernolákovo

Enjoy playing golf in a really beautiful area. Come to visit Golf and Country club, which is situated in historical area with Baroque chateau from the 18th century.

Kralovske mesta

Imperial cities - Pezinok, Svätý Jur, Modra

The imperial cities of Bratislava region amazed visitors with its uniqueness. Visit imperial cities old vineyard city Pezinok, architecturally one of the best well-preserved vineyard cities in Slovakia - Svätý Jur and Modra whose historical center became a listed zone.  

Židovské kultúrne dedičstvo v Bratislavskom kraji

Jewish cultural heritage in Bratislava region

We invite you to visit the monuments of Jewish Cultural Heritage. In Bratislava region you can find Memorial Chatam Sofer and Museum of Jewish culture, Synagogue in Bratislava, Malacky and Stupava.



The famous holly area which is placed in Malacky region. Marianka is pleased by interests not only believers from Slovakia but also from other countries. Marianka invites you as the oldest holly area in Slovakia, with history under the mantle of legends, with holly and exercičný house.  

Moravská cyklotrasa

Moravian cycling route

On the western side of Bratislava´s autonomous region Moravian cyclo-artery, which is following the river Morava and is 55 km long, is located. An unforgettable experience offers cycling route following the former Iron Curtain and untouched nature, silence and rich fauna.

muzeum dopravy

Museum of transport Bratislava

First slovakian museom of transport which was opened on 24.6.1999. Visitor can find in this museum: collection of vehicles, bicycles, motor and commercial car, prototypes and military vehicles, steam, motor and electric locomotives.

Devínska kobyla - Sandberg

Nature reservation Devínska Kobyla

The most known is a track leading to Devínska kobyla, which is the most western foreland of Carpathian mountains in Slovakia. Trip to Devínska Kobyla offers you magnificent view of the river Morava just before it merges into the Danube, national Natural Reservation and Sandberg.

Slovenská národná galéria

Slovak national gallery Bratislava

The Gallery offers the most unique art expositions, which you can find in Slovakia. In Slovak national gallery you will find approximately 55 000 art works and the art of european origin is a part of it as well, variety of seasonal exhibitions and cultural events today.

Pivnice Pezinok

Small Carpathian Wine Route

Discover amazing wines through Small Carpathian Wine Route which leads through towns of Bratislava, Svätý Jur, Pezinok, Modra and finishes in the Trnava town. Small Carpathian Wine Route offers you high quality wines and gastronimic specs, beautiful nature, culture-historical monuments.

Malé Karpaty

Small Carpathians

It begins in Bratislava on the Danube river and wanders off up to the town called as Nové Mesto nad Váhom. Carpathians went down to posterity of the World War II, during which the surrounding forests served to the partisans as a place of their meetings and fights for liberation of Bratislava city.

Dóm sv. Martina

St. Martin cathedral

St. Martin cathedral, with gold-plated representation of the Hungarian royal crown, is situated just below the castle on the Rybné square.   Visit St. Martin cathedral and enjoy: - The most eminent sacral construction of the city - National Cultural Monument with works of many world famous artists  

areál divoká voda čunovo

The Complex Divoká Voda Čunovo

The Complex Divoká Voda Čunovo offers a wide range of sports and leisure activities.

golf malacky


Visit WHITE EUROVALLEY Golf Park Malacky. It's beautiful Golf Centre in Bratislava Region. Golf resort offers following zones golf academy, golf course Public, Golf course White.

ZOO a Dinopark Bratislava

ZOO Bratislava

Visit ZOO Bratislav as the first ZOO in Europe it takes pride in fostering cubs of protected Bob cat. In ZOO and Dinopark Bratislava you will find 96 hectares with 720 mammals, 200 birds and 40 reptiles, the 3D cinema and paleontological playground and Dinopark.

Zoya Museum

Zoya Museum Modra

Zoya Museum in Modra with current exhibition is inviting mostly visitors of modern art. Current exhibition: Andy Warhol: Dad of pop- art.


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