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Hrad Beckov

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The remains of Beckov castle are towering on the 50 metres high cliff over the village Beckov. The history of Beckov castle draws attention by many myths and that is the reason why it is such a popular, sought after attraction. One of the myths says, that the name of the castle comes from the name of the castle’s harlequin Becko, for whom the duke Ctibor had the castle built. Another myth says, that the master of the castle pushed his servant of the cliff, because the servant, in order to protect his child, killed the master’s favourite dog. The servant, as he was falling screamed, that they will meet each other in death until the year and a day passes by. And as the myth says, exactly after a year and a day, the castle’s master got bitten by a viper and he fell, blinded into the abyss. Because of its marvelous beauty, Beckov castle was announced a National Cultural Monument and thanks to its history, it belongs to the most sought after castle remains in Slovakia.


Beckov č. 180 , 916 38 Beckov

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