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Thermal Spa Sklené Teplice

Kúpele Sklené Teplice
Kúpele Sklené Teplice

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In a beautiful valley, on the hillside of Štiavnické mountains, baths Sklené Teplice is situated. The temperature of its hot-springs varies from 37°C to 52°C. Hot-springs are used for treatment of mobile apparatus and nerve system. Winters are being moderate here, that is the reason why visiting this bathtown is suitable in any season of the year. Baths visitors can, thanks to its excellent position, spend their time doing active hiking in the surrounding Štiavnické mountains.


The village Sklené Teplice began writing its famous history in 1340 when, during the reign of King Charles Robert, the village Skleno originated. This village was famous for its production of glass.

The first mention about the spa goes back to 1550. In that time the thermal springs were the most appreciated by rich feudal lords, the proprietors of surrounding silver and gold mines. The significance of the warm mineral springs was also mentioned in the medical studies of Matthias Bel.  

The most famous events in Sklené Teplice took place during the reign of Queen Maria Theresa when the first international congress of science was organized there. Among other scientists Anton von Born presented the method of indirect amalgamation (process for recovery of precious metal values from ores). The congress was also attended by the famous poet J. W. Goethe who was also a passionate mineralogist.


For spa guests with a Proposal for type B spa treatment are predetermined the following indication groups:

  • VI / 2,3,9,10,11,12
  • VII / 1,3,5,6,7,8,9
  • XII / 4, 8

For spa guests with a Proposal for type A spa treatment are predetermined the following indication groups:

  • VI / 1,4,7,8
  • VII / 2,4,10,11


, Sklené Teplice , 96603

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