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Thermal Spa Rajecké Teplice

Kúpele Rajecké Teplice
Kúpele Rajecké Teplice

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The spa went through an extensive renovation after 1996, thanks to the efforts of the new owners, which changed the spa out of all recognition, making Rajecké Teplice an attractive place to spend both therapeutic and relaxation wellness stays. Thermal springs of acratoteriem type with a 38°C thermal water are used in the balneology centre at the Aphrodite Spa House to treat inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the movement apparatus, joints, spine, neurological diseases and occupational diseases. The Spa House has become a magnet attracting both domestic and foreign visitors with its indoor areas decorated in ancient style, giving it a particular atmosphere of peace and luxury. The balneology centre equipped with the state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic devices offers a complete range of procedures aimed at therapeutic, relaxation and beauty effects: water treatment, classical massages, Scottish shower, oxygen therapy, carbon bath, manicure and pedicure. All the services are provided as a one-stop-shop – balneologic procedures are carried out in super standard conditions, accommodation is provided in the four-star Aphrodite hotel, there is a top restaurant offering quality meals, stylish café accompanied by auxiliary services – a beautician and a coiffeur. Both the Spa House as well as the hotel and relaxation tract meet all the European standard requirements and belong to the most visited sites both by Slovak and foreign clients – Czech, German, Austrian, Polish and other spa guests who appreciate balneotherapy at the top level, a qualified team of professional staff and quality services at specific centres, like to come back. The pleasant calming environment of the park around a pool with rocky artefacts ensures a comfortable accommodation for clients and spa visitors in the hotel facilities. Everything is within reach and in the vicinity concentrated around the balneology centre. In addition to the four-star hotel, you can dwell also in 6 accommodation facilities of various categories, situated nearby the spa house in the beautiful surrounding of the spa park, around the pool with fountains and rocky artefacts.  


  • At the beginning of 17th the Lietava estate was built, which included thermal springs and the first buildings, which was developed into nowadays The Medical Spa Rajecke Teplice.


  • In Medical Spa Rajecké Teplice are treating: patients with certain neurological diseases, locomotive organs diseases, some mental illness and occupational diseases.

Electrotherapy  Diadynamic, diathermy, fyaction, galvanic bath, interference currents, magnetic therapy, ultrasound 
Diagnostic examination: EKG Initial medical examination with the list of rules and procedures 
Massages Classical massage, underwater massage, reflex massage
Body wraps Paraffin wraps and poultice 
Movement therapy  Fitness, medical rehabilitations (individual, group), therapeutic exercise 
Natural mineral bath  Carbonic bath 
Phototherapy, thermotherapy  BIOTRON, laser treatment, treatment with polarized and UV light, solarium, solux 
Special treatments Oxygen therapy, lymphatic drainage-machine manipulatice therapy, gas injections, diet therapy, inhalations 
Hydrotherapy procedures  Automatic underwater massagem massage pool, whirlpool bath, rehabilitation swimming pool, sauna, Scottish showers, bath for foot 


Osloboditeľov 131/4 , Rajecké Teplice , 01313

Contact details

  • Phone: +421 41 5494 256
  • Fax: +421 41 5493 674

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