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Basilica of the Virgin Mary on Mariánska Hora

Bazilika Panny Márie na Mariánskej Hore

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Basilica of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Mariánska hora in Levoča belongs to the oldest pilgrimage sites of the eastern Slovakia. The first chapel was built in 1247 and it was an expression of the Spiš people’s gratitude for their rescue on this place during the Tartar invasion during 1241 - 1242. Priest Servác had the chapel converted in 1470 into a Gothic church and a gothic statue of the Virgin Mary was installed there. The first big procession and pilgrimage took place on July 2nd 1671. The pilgrimage site for believers of the Latin and Greek rite from the eastern and central Slovakia has gradually become a nationwide pilgrimage site. Pope John Paul II. promoted the church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the minor basilica on January 26th 1984. About eleven years later, on July 3rd 1995 the largest pilgrimage took place here during his presence. More than 650 000 people took part.


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