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Banská Bystrica cycling route

Banskobystrická cyklomagistrála

The splendid environment, in which Banská Bystrica town is situated, offers many cycle paths also for the cycle enthusiasts. At the routes realized on the common roads you can get to know the neighbouring towns and villages. An enticement for cyclists is also a trip to Donovaly mountain, where you can experience the magnificent environment of mountains with joy. The cyclists can get their money’s worth also in the Urban Forest-parks. If you decide to visit Banská Bystrica town, a one-day trip on your bike in the surroundings thereof will beguile away and enliven your stay in this historical town.


Schedule Altitude Distance
Banská Bystrica, mesto 340 m 1,52 km
Banská Bystrica, Podryba 340 m 4,42 km
Šlaková - Hlinište 360 m 5,77 km
Šalková 358 m 12,15 km
Driekyňa  380 m 13,95 km
Slovenská Lupča 375 m 18,57 km
Chotárne 670 m 21,74 km
Ľubietová 459 m 26,06 km
Odbočka na Ľubietovú a Hliadeľ 400 m 27,71 km
Lučatín 386 m 28,78 km
Odbočka na Moštenicu 390 m  31,68 km
Slovenská Lupča 375 m 37,51 km
Šalková 358 m 40,33 km
Odbočka na Kynceľovú 355 m 42,21 km
Banská Bystrica, hlavná stanica 345 m 43,56 km
Banská Bystrica, mesto 340 m  

Schedule Altitude Distance
Donovaly 980 m 1,16 km
Baník 1040 m 2,63 km
Pri javore 1040 m 5,51 km
Krčahy - Kováčka 930 m 8,94 km
Pod Jelenskou skalou 1020 m 10,46 km
Žiare 1000 m 10,86 km
Sedlo Horný Šturec 990 m 12,22 km
Šachtička 950 m 14,64 km
Hrádok 800 m 17,23 km
Banská Bystrica, Kostiviarska 340 m

Schedule Altitude Distance
Odbočka na Korytnicu 730 m 1,22 km
Korytnica kúpele 830 m 2,94 km
Sedlo pod Babou 949 m 5,81 km
Hiadeľské sedlo 1100 m 7,39 km
Prostredný grúň 820 m 8,71 km
Hiadeľská Kyslá 700 m 12,41 km
Hiadeľ 500 m 16,11 km
Odbočka na Ľubietovu a Hiadeľ 400 m 17,76 km
Lučatín 386 m 18,83 km
Odbočka na Moštenicu 390 m 21,73 km
Slovenská Lupča 375 m 26,35 km
Podkonice 529 m 29,37 km
Priechod 450 m 32,80 km
Selce 421 m 35,62 km
Odbočka na Kynceľovú 355 m




Our tip for gastro services:

  • Koliba Rustikana Nemecká
    Chalet Rusticana
    Original Slovak chalet in the village of Nemecká
    distance: 28,18 km
    benefit: 10 % discount
  • tálska bašta
    Tálska Bašta - Hotel Partizán****
    There you can expect an excellent gourmet experience in the form of traditional and lucrative offer of dishes from grandmothers.
    distance: 47,61 km
    benefit: 5% discount

Our tip for outdoor activities:

  • Paintball Banská Bystrica
    PAINTBALL-GAME Banská Bystrica
    Military paintball near Banská Bystrica.
    distance: 10,47 km
  • hucul-hlavna
    Slovak Hucul Club
    Slovak Hucul Club is an environmental non-profit organization founded to rescue and protect Hucul horses, and it is located in the Lom nad Rimavicou village (district of Brezno).
    distance: 51,07 km
  • pony farma-hlavna foto
    The Suchý Vrch Pony Farm
    An agroturist farm of family type.
    distance: 3,47 km

Our tip for relax:

  • salón krásy fann beauty banská bystrica
    FAnn BEAUTY Salons
    Providing care not only for the skin of your face, but also of your whole body in conjunction with intense relaxation.
    distance: 0,36 km
    benefit: 5 % discount
  • NATURE Wellness Center - Hotel Partizán****
    NATURE Wellness Center - Hotel Partizán****
    5% discount for Wellness Hotel Partizán**** in Tále resort
    distance: 47,61 km
    benefit: 5% discount

Tip for evening life:

  • MINISTRY of FUN Banská Bystrica
    MINISTRY of FUN Banská Bystrica
    the largest and the most modern club in Slovakia.
    distance: 0,74 km
  • SIRIUS CLUB Brezno
    SIRIUS CLUB Brezno
    Prestigious disco club SIRIUS attracts visitors by its unique design that makes a pleasant impression on you immediately after entering
    distance: 50,6 km
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Recommended hotels

Recommended hotels

Artpension Dans Le Parc
Art Pension Dans Le Parc Banská Bystricafrom €24,00/person

sant bernard-hlavna
Pension Sant Bernard***Tureckafrom €17,00/person

Rekreačný areál Predná hora
Recreation Center Predna horafrom €17,00/person

Wellness Hotel Bystráfrom €49,50/person

Hotel Partizán****
Hotel Partizán**** Tálefrom €49,50/person

Penzión*** Králiky
Pension*** Králikyfrom €15,00/person

Motel Luteus Budca
Motel Luteus Budčafrom €15,93/person

Hotel Šachtička
Hotel Šachtička Banská Bystricafrom €33,00/person

Hotel Kaskády****
Hotel Kaskády**** Sliačfrom €19,50/person

Liečebný dom Poľana**** Brusno
Spa house Poľana**** Spa Brusnofrom €58,50/person

Hotel Mýto - Mýto pod Ďumbierom
Hotel Mýto - Mýto pod Ďumbierom

Penzión Amarys*** Banská Bystrica
B&B Amarys*** Banská Bystricafrom €36,30/person

Hotel Dixon**** Banská Bystrica
Hotel Dixon**** Banská Bystricafrom €22,75/person


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