Aquapark Senec

Aquapark Senec
Aquapark Senec

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Recreation and relaxation water world of Aquapark Senec is situated in a well-known resort Sunny Lakes (Slnečné jazerá) in Senec just a few kilometres from Bratislava. Due to its purpose and location it provides accessible rest whole year round in beautiful environment of a sought-after resort close to all important roads. In Aquapark Senec visitors of all age categories will find something special for themselves. Aquapark offers its visitors warm water in 9 pools with different temperature and size whole year round. The inner part of Aquapark Senec offers its services also in winter. In this part of aquapark, there is also sauna world, which offers all types of sauna and two intense massage bubble pools with different water temperature. It is also possible to use the 80 m long spiral chute, which starts and ends in the indoor part, all year round. Aquapark Senec offers comfort in the pearl recreational pools, kamikaze slides for lovers of adrenalin, irresistible whirlwind - funnel "space hole“ - only one and the largest water attraction of this kind in Slovakia. The highest point of the tower goes up to 12 m, which is equal to the 4th storey block of flats. So if you want to relax or test your courage - Aquapark Senec awaits you with its attractions and leisure.

Opening hours:

Day Time
Mon - Sun  10.00 - 22.00

8 swimming pools

13 during summer season

Water attractions Jets and gutter spouts, water umbrella, massage benches...
SAI wellness Senec

Saunas, massages, revital room, jacuzzi


Slnečné jazerá - sever , Senec , 90301

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