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Slovakia - little big country

Basic informations about Slovakia

slovenskoSlovakia – the official name of which is the Slovak Republic – is 49,035 km2 of area for never-ending lots of experience. Slovakia has a population of 5 379 445 inhabitants (as at 1st January 2004) of various nationalities. The most of inhabitants is of Slovak nationality, to which is registered 85.8 % of inhabitants.

Slovakia is situated, so to speak, in the centre of Europe and borders on five neighbouring countries. Slovakia borders on Austria and the Czech Republic in the West, and it borders on Hungary in the South having the longest border with it, and it borders on Ukraine in the East having the shortest border with it, and it borders on Poland in the North.Since the 1st May 2004 the Slovak Republic is a member of the European Union, and since the 21st December 2007 is a member of Schengen area, and since the 1st January 2009 is a part of the European Monetary Union and its currency is euro (€). Equally, Slovakia is a member of the following organizations, as follows: NATO, OSN, UNESCO, OECD, OBSE, CERN, WHO and INTERPOL. Slovakia is a country with predominantly the Roman Catholic religion, up to 69 % of population is reported to it. The Lutheran Church of augsburg denomination has its representation in 7 % of believers and it is the second most numerous church here. A portion of inhabitants is reported to the Orthodox Church (5 %) and nondenominational are 13 % of people.

Slovakia by its system of government is the parliamentary democratic republic. At the head of state is the president of Slovakia elected directly by people for the five-year term of office. During his government, the president of Slovakia shares its power with the Slovak National Council – parliament, which is a law-making body. The members of which are 150 Members of Parliament, equally as the president, elected directly by people for the four-year term of office. Execution of state power lies with the government having a Prime Minister at its head. Thanks to its position located in the temperate zone, the four seasons are followed here. However, the climatic conditions vary according to the height above sea level. Summers in the lowlands are dry and hot, however, if you decide to visit it during the summer period.

What all can be experienced in Slovakia

vlkolínecHistorical monuments. Slovakia is not just about nature. In Slovakia you will find well-preserved and renovated castles, fortresses, and mansions, wherein you will feel as though you were far back in history. You will explore there unique and famous magic of Slovak folklore and customs, you will taste traditional Slovak specialties, you will get to know kind-hearted and hospitable people.


žilinaBeautiful cities. History left a great cultural heritage in Slovakia. Out of 138 Slovak cities 18 are urban monument reservations. Each of them is unique in some respects. Overall, in these cities there are over 12 thousand cultural monuments. In Slovakia, there are also 88 monument zones.



slovenský rajNature and hiking. Slovakia lies in central Europe and despite its quite small size, there is a concentration a huge number of natural sites. In a relatively small country of Slovakia, there are over 1000 reservation areas. You will find there 9 national parks and 16 protected landscape areas with a plethora of rare plants and animals. It is actually a great advantage that in Slovakia virtually everything is close enough.


kúpele piešťanySpas and aquaparks. Slovakia is well-known for its spa tradition, not only in the surrounding countries, but also in the whole world. It is visited by those, whom the healing mineral springs truly help to treat various kinds of diseases. However, it is also sought after by such people, who'd just like to combine a therapeutic visit with rest, relaxation and exploration of natural sites or rich history of this country.


golf_bernolakovo_170_120Golf. Enjoy playing golf in a truly splendid natural environment. Slovak golf clubs are unique due to their surroundings. Whether you'll play in a historical area with a baroque castle or under peaks of the smallest high mountain range in the world, outlooks as well as experiences will be unrepeatable. Therein, you will be offered various additional services ranging from barbecue party facilities to golf training.


vysoké tatrySkiingThe smallest high mountain range in the world, High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry) can be enjoyed in any season of the year. If you're one of the fans of winter, Slovakia is ideal for your ski vacation. Wonderful outlooks from high peaks of Tatras such as Lomnický peak (Lomnický štít), Rysy, or Chopok, unveil crystal-clear mountain tarns and torrents. You can also enjoy over 30 other ski centers of European quality.


cykloturistikaCycling. In Slovakia, there is a network of really well-marked cycling tracks of various lengths and difficulty levels. Take a bike and explore historical cities or beautiful nature. Stop by one of the many natural lakes or artificial lakes and enjoy your stay by the water. Slovak cycling tracks will utilize cycling of every kind.


How can you get to Slovakia?

airport popradThe country is interwoven with infrastructure and railways. Should you travel to Slovakia by plane, in the west of Slovakia, in the capital city Bratislava, a modern airport that keeps it connected with the world with the world will welcome you. In the north, in the city of Poprad, you can can disembark at the airport situated right under the peaks of Tatras and Košice, a modern metropolis and the second largest city in Slovakia, where you can see unique beautiful sites in the Slovak East right after your plane has landed.

What is “best” and “only” in Slovakia?

spišský hradIn Slovakia, you will be able to find things that are nowhere elese in the world. Slovak Karst, the largest karst area in central Europe, wherein there are 1100 caves. Spišský castle, a largest medieval castle complex in central Europe, Červený kamenň castle with the largest underground complex, the tallest gothic altar in the world found in Levoča, or Janko Kráľ Orchard in Bratislava, the oldest public park in Europe.

A many other fascinating “best” or “only” places in the world, which are worthy to be seen with your own eyes and experienced personally. Slovakia is a part of Europe that is saturated with diversity on every step of the way through it – simply “a little big country”.


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